The most requested Tecniplant solutions for industrial filtration in 2022

Without a doubt, some of our most in-demand industrial filtration solutions in 2022 include:

Before going into the details of individual products, the time has come to take stock of the general.

Indeed, December is the perfect opportunity to think ahead and make our projections for the year to come.

2022 was a year of important investments for us.
In fact, after almost 50 years of activity, we have decided to renew ourselves and propose a new site, new colors and a new logo.

The make over that we have chosen to adopt is deeply linked to the desire to better express our dynamism and the constant desire to grow.
Specifically, through our new image we wanted to combine the strength of tradition with a corporate vision aimed at the future, but the investments weren’t limited to just the look.

For example, in 2022 we decided to focus heavily on training.
The personal growth of our collaborators has allowed us not only to have competent professionals, but also a dynamic work group full of curiosity and passion.

In addition, we have participated as exhibitors in various exhibitions, such as:

Being present at these fairs was an important signal for us to restart.
The vis-à-vis fairs and events we attended were an opportunity to get back to life after years in which we had to limit social contacts.

Finally, also in 2022 our goal has been to become a point of reference in water filtration and treatment worldwide.
For this reason we are committed to further improving the quality of our solutions.

Rotary vacuum filters among the most requested Tecniplant solutions in 2022

To meet the needs of our customers we offer a wide range of rotary vacuum filters:

  • Roller discharge filters: thanks to the presence of a rubber-coated rotating roller, they are ideal for removing the cake coming from suspensions with solids which, due to their chemical-physical properties, easily adhere to the rubber roller.
  • Wire discharge filters: they are suitable for the treatment of suspensions with solids that adhere easily in a thin and compact cake.
  • Pre-coat filters: they are the ideal solution when an extremely clean filtrate is required, or when a thin cake is present.
  • Outgoing cloth filters: they are excellent in case of suspensions which make it necessary to wash the filtration cloth. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of the outgoing cloth, they prevent solids from blocking the cloth and altering the filtration process.
  • Blade discharge filters: they are the best solution in case of suspensions with the presence of high quantities of suspended solids. Thanks to the presence of a blade adhering to the rotating drum, they are able to detach the solid cake from the filter surface.

Tecniplant's API and CPI filters for oil-water treatment and separation among the most requested Tecniplant solutions in 2022

Alongside rotary filters, we also had a great demand for our API and CPI separators for oil-water separation in 2022.

Tecniplant API separators

API separators they are usually used for a preliminary water treatment before the flotation process.
To operate, this type of separator exploits the difference in specific gravity between free oil, oily water and suspended solids.

Tecniplant CPI separators

CPI separators, on the other hand, are the ideal solutions for treating oily wastewater.
In fact, these are lamellar pack separators that can be used in the treatment of oily waters before the flotation units.

In the treatment of oily waters, lamellar pack separators allow the separation of suspended solids and oils from water by exploiting the different specific weights of oil, solid and water.

The presence of the lamellar packs allows to increase the contact surface and considerably reduces the overall dimensions, compared to an API separator.

The areas of application and new markets for Tecniplant industrial filtration for 2023

A new year will begin in a few days, so the time has come to think about the future and understand which new markets for industrial filtration will be on which to focus in 2023, but not only.

In general, for 2023 we intend to further develop the Food & Beverage sector.
Tecniplant is already present in the food sector, but for next year we want to increase the range of solutions designed for:

  • the treatment of yeasts
  • the treatment of the starch (it is a modified starch)

Furthermore, in 2023 we will focus heavily on our Research and Development department and, in particular, we will increase investments in laboratory tests and in the development of pilot units.

In this way, we will be able to respond in the most appropriate way to the needs of our customers.

Finally, in the new year we intend to further intensify our Aftermarket activities in order to better support more and more customers.

Contact us for more information on our solutions and our services.

Il futuro inizia adesso