Con il servizio di Revamping Tecniplant riammoderna e ripristina le tue macchine

Our revamping service allows to restore and modernise the machines installed at the customer’s premises.


Specifically, modernising existing plants respects the environment by allowing the recovery of components, takes advantage of the benefits of purchasing a new plant, and reduces costs.

In fact, revamping allows to improve production performance while also containing company costs, because we operate on the existing machinery.


In general, revamping provides multiple advantages, including:


  • increased productivity
  • greater safety for operators
  • improved quality and flexibility of the production line
  • respect for the environment


Added to these benefits is the extension of the life of the plant, thanks to the integration of cutting-edge technologies in the original project.


Through our industrial revamping of plants, we can restore obsolete technological processes and replace them with cutting-edge technologies.


In this way we allow the plant to start a new productive life and consequently obtain an increase in productivity, energy savings and improved safetyfor the operators.


TECNIPLANT’s fifty years of expertise in the field of filtration, oil-water separation and water treatment allows us to operate on elements such as:


  • machinery redesign
  • supply of spare parts
  • reverse engineering


Experience has shown that our service is of great importance for the restoration and modernisation of the machines and systems installed at the customer’s premises.


Specifically, our revamping service includes detailed surveys of the operating conditions of the equipment and systems installed at the customer’s premises.


This lets us offer all applicable technical improvements and provide the best and most convenient solutions.


We can also perform industrial revamping activities on machinery and plants not previously supplied by us.