Since 1974, TECNIPLANT has meant innovation and cutting-edge technology. This section contains a collection of TECNIPLANT documents that tell our story, describe our achievements and talk about our future goals.

TECNIPLANT code of ethics

Our Code of Ethics is a TECNIPLANT document that clearly and transparently defines the set of values that inspire our company.

The rules in the Code of Ethics are based on compliance with all applicable laws and the adoption of ethically correct and fair conduct.

Our Code of Ethics applies to all company representatives and to everyone who works with and for the company in any capacity, even if only occasionally.

For further information, see our Code of Ethics in this section.


Product quality and our environment and safety policies are important elements of our corporate vision.


We want to identify the needs and expectations of our customers and all our other stakeholders, in order to satisfy them in the best way possible.


We review the company’s quality, safety and environmental policies every year. Regularly reviewing this type of policy allows us to ascertain its continued suitability and to update it in line with corporate objectives and strategies.


We also regularly check the effectiveness of our integrated management system for quality, the environment and occupational safety. We promote improvement actions to increase customer satisfaction, environmental performance and occupational health and safety.


Finally, over the years TECNIPLANT has obtained and integrated three certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001-2015, 45001-2018 and 14001-2015. This is an important and effective recognition

management system demonstrating continuous improvement of reputation.


For more information, you can view the summary documents below.


To make our relationship with suppliers as transparent as possible, we spell out our General Purchasing Terms and Conditions in the TECNIPLANT documents.


The General Purchasing Terms and Conditions are an integral and essential part of each purchase order.


In particular, these conditions govern all contractual relations between TECNIPLANT and the supplier and prevail over any different provisions contained in any of the supplier’s general or particular sales conditions or order confirmations.


In this area, you can review our entire General Purchasing Terms and Conditions document.

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