Servizio post-vendita Tecniplant

We believe that our relationship with the customer does not end once a plant is built or a machine is sold. That is why we provide our customers with the TECNIPLANT Aftermarket service.



Specifically, our after-sales service guarantees:

  • Constant qualified technical assistance
  • Original spare parts
  • Revamping
  • Modernisation


When customers come to us they see a company with fifty years of experience. We enhance this with our services and solutions as well as with the promise of a constant search for innovative solutions and the reliability and durability of the systems provided.



To these promises we also add our constant search for dialogue and collaboration with our customers; we interact with them on a daily basis and we believe that relationship quality is just as important as product quality.


In other words, we take care of our customers through after-sales service.


One of the cornerstones of our after-sales service is access to ongoing technical support.


Specifically, we provided for constant technical support provided by qualified technicians who can accompany and support the customer throughout the product life cycle.


We work alongside our customers starting with the choice of the most suitable solution for their needs and, once this has been found, we offer the opportunity to benefit from support that is always available.


In addition to customised technical support, our after-sales service also includes access to original spare parts for the machines.


In this way, we guarantee the customer both the integrity of the installation and the optimisation of its costs. In fact, original spare parts integrate perfectly into the machine in which they are installed and do not alter the system’s performance.


In addition to original spare parts, our after-sales service also includes maintenance programmes that are developed alongside the customer. and guarantee operational continuity and full system functionality over time.