The reliability and continuity of the services we offer allow us to be a single point of reference for companies that need to create solutions for the treatment of their product.


In particular, our services are structured as follows.

Tecniplant investe sulla ricerca e sviluppo

Laboratory tests

Research always brings rewards here at TECNIPLANT. In fact, one of our services involves laboratories doing testing campaigns on various products.

Specifically, the laboratory allows us to carry out tests that allow us to determine the best process to adopt and the sizing of the equipment.

Impianti pilota di Tecniplant replicano in piccola scala il comportamento di grandi impianti

Pilot units for filtration, water-oil separation and water treatment

With our pilot plants, we can validate the results obtained in the laboratory and scale up the process to create the best solution for the customer’s needs.

Progettazione e costruzione di macchinari e sistemi per filtrazione, trattamento acque e separazione di liquidi

Design and construction of filtration and water treatment machinery

Our industrial machinery design and construction service allows us to create complete systems for filtration, water-oil separation and water treatment.


We offer totally integrated solutions from design to plant commissioning and after-sales services.

Servizio post-vendita Tecniplant

TECNIPLANT after-sales (aftermarket) services

We care for our customers’ needs through our after-sales service.


Specifically, this service ensures they receive consistent technical support, access to original spare parts, and expert technical assistance.


Our maintenance programmes are planned with the customer to ensure the continuous operation and complete efficiency of their system.

Con il servizio di Revamping Tecniplant riammoderna e ripristina le tue macchine

Machinery revamping

Our component revamping service plays a vital role in refurbishing and updating machinery and systems installed on the customer’s premises. 

In general, this service allows us to extend the useful life of systems by incorporating the latest cutting-edge solutions into the original design.

Il futuro inizia adesso