Horizontal filtration systems in the Power Generation sector

We want to dedicate this article to horizontal filtration systems for the Power Generation sector.

Horizontal filters are one of the most efficient systems for separating liquids and solids.

Specifically, they are designed and built to achieve very high efficiencies in those sectors that require the filtration of suspensions with a high solid content.

That said, let’s focus on the Power Generation sector and try to understand what this term means and why horizontal filters are so important.

The power generation sector in industry

More and more often we hear about the Power Generation sector in the industrial field, but what is it about?

The expression Power Generation refers to the sector of power plants capable of producing energy through the use of two different types of sources:

  • non-renewable, characterized by limited resources and destined to run out. 
For example: fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) and nuclear sources.
  • renewables, i.e. energy sources that are not subject to depletion and are characterized by continuous regeneration. 
For example: solar, wind, marine, hydroelectric and biomass energy.

In general, over the last few years the European Parliament has tried to regulate the electricity market through various legislative proposals.

The purpose of the interventions is to facilitate and support the transition towards an energy system with low carbon emissions, increasing the use of renewable sources.

After introducing the topic of Power Generation in the industrial sector, let’s focus on the horizontal filters used by power plants in order to produce energy.

The characteristics of horizontal filters for the Power Generation sector

The characteristics of the horizontal filters make them suitable for water treatment in the Power Generation sector.

These solutions, in fact, are extremely flexible and have a high filtration speed.
They also guarantee excellent results in the presence of heavy solids and large filtration surfaces.

In general, the central elements of this filtration system are two:

the presence of the filtration cloth
the reinforced rubber tape with drainage grooves

Furthermore, once the filtration process is finished, these filters allow the cake to be removed by means of a blade discharge device.

Not only that, in fact it is possible to clean the canvas through a nozzle spray washing system .

Finally, you can drain the filtered liquid through the central grooves of the tape and send it to the vacuum box and collector of filtered liquids.

The functions of horizontal filters in the power generation sector

In the previous paragraphs we have described the characteristics of belt filtration systems, now let’s focus on the functions of horizontal filters in the Power Generation sector.

Power plants that use coal and oil as fuel generally require a scrubber for wastewater, or flue gas, which contains some sulfur.

In fact, these plants often use a wet process in which lime slurry neutralizes the sulfuric acid resulting in the formation of gypsum.

In these cases, the horizontal filtration system allows the gypsum cake to be dehydrated. These filters, in fact, do not contain tanks or groups of agitators, consequently the sewage cannot settle.

Furthermore, once filtered, the panel is easily removed thanks to a blade discharge system.

Finally, we would like to remind you that our horizontal belt filters are wear -resistant and long-lasting.
Consequently, while not maintenance-free, they are the most efficient means of dealing with gypsum sludge.

With 50 years of experience in the field of filtration, oily water treatment and water treatment, we carry out high quality tailor-made projects.

Furthermore, within our range it is possible to find two types of horizontal vacuum filters:

  • belt filters, useful in case of heavy solids and large filtration surfaces
  • cloth filters, ideal in the presence of light solids and reduced filtration surfaces

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