Industry 4.0 for water treatment plants: all the advantages

Industry 4.0, or fourth industrial revolution, is the most quoted phenomenon of the moment in terms of innovation, also with regard to water treatment plants.

In general, we have a constantly changing industrial world and, without a doubt, the digitization and automation of factories and plants play a fundamental role in this process.

But what are the advantages associated with Industry 4.0 that can improve the water treatment plant sector?

Surely the primary benefit of the fourth industrial revolution is having all relevant information available in real time.

Specifically, Industry 4.0 applied to water treatment plants allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

Let’s find out more about it.

Industry 4.0: IIoT technology applied to water treatment plants

Without a doubt, the first advantage related to Industry 4.0 is the possibility of applying IIoT technologies within water treatment plants.

The acronym IIoT literally means Industrial Internet of Things and can be translated into Italian as “Internet of Things applied to the industrial sphere”.

In a nutshell, IIoT technologies allow you to:

  • connect the various parts of a water treatment plant online
  • the individual devices communicate with each other
  • offer a clear overview of the operation of the system

Industry 4.0: remote management and control in water treatment plants

The second benefit linked to the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies within water treatment plants is the possibility of remotely managing and controlling the entire process.

In fact, as we said previously, IIoT technologies make it possible to collect data relating to the water treatment plant and make it available online.

This means that the system communicates with the operator and that the information is available:

  • in real time
  • everywhere in the world

To make all this possible, it is sufficient to equip the water treatment plant with intelligent sensors capable of intervening or signaling an action linked to a particular input.

In this way, in the event of abnormal conditions, the plant will warn the operators of the presence of potential problems who will be able to intervene and manage the situation.

Industry 4.0: customized water treatment plants

The third advantage linked to Industry 4.0 is that of being able to use new technologies to create tailor -made water treatment plants for each reality.

Having the right technology available for your needs, in fact, allows you to automate and simplify the operation of the water treatment plant.

Not only that, it also allows you to reduce the risk of errors and makes the system more efficient.

Industry 4.0: the energy efficiency of water treatment plants

The fourth benefit linked to Industry 4.0 is that of being able to improve the energy efficiency of water treatment plants.

In fact, designing and building a system in a 4.0 perspective allows, on the one hand, to make the system more efficient.
On the other hand, it allows you to minimize costs and optimize the most energy- intensive processes.

For example, a method to optimize systems and reduce consumption is undoubtedly digitization.
By installing sensors on motors and pumps and accurately collecting data on equipment, it is possible to remotely monitor treatment plants and optimize the performance of pumps and other components.

Furthermore, new technologies also make it possible to limit the energy consumption of some industrial processes by recovering energy in the form of heat or electricity.

Industry 4.0: safer operators in water treatment plants

The fifth advantage linked to Industry 4.0 is safety at work.

In fact, the new technologies related to the fourth industrial revolution have significantly improved the conditions of health and safety at work.

For example, robots that have replaced operators in the most dangerous jobs, or exoskeletons support the worker in carrying out operations involving very high physical stress.

Not only are water treatment processes changing, but also the needs of workers and the risks to their health.

In general we speak of an “intelligent ecosystem” where not only do the various parts of a plant communicate with each other, but there is also a constant dialogue between machines and operators.

We at Tecniplant enthusiastically welcome the challenges associated with the introduction of technological processes from an Industry 4.0 perspective in water treatment plants.

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