Future starts now: Tecniplant gets a makeover

After almost 50 years in business, Tecniplant gets a makeover with a new website, new colours and a new logo.

Today, as then, we are full of energy and passion, ready to face all the challenges ahead.

Since 1974 Tecniplant has been synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge technology when it comes to:

  • Filtration in solid-liquid separation processes
  • Flotation within oil-water separation processes
  • Water treatment

Our new image combines the strength of tradition with a forward-looking vision.

The change of image is deeply linked to the desire to better express our dynamism and constant desire to grow.

Renewing the brand identity with a restyled logo and new colours

We decided to renew our Brand Identity by presenting ourselves with a new, fresher and more contemporary image.


Ours is a drive for change, but one that does not make us forget the values and awareness we have acquired over the years.


We strive to improve and not be satisfied with what we have achieved so far: our goal is to become a reference point for filtration, oily water treatment and water treatment worldwide.

Investing in training is fundamental for Tecniplant: Our personal growth of our employees allows us not only to have competent professionals, but also a dynamic work group full of curiosity and passion.


The expertise that our Team brings to the job allows us to offer a quality service. And it is precisely elements such as in-depth knowledge of products and applications, design capability and extreme operational flexibility that enable us to win and maintain the trust of our customers.

New pictograms to quickly identify solutions and services

Taking advantage of the change of look, we decided to create new pictograms that allow quick identification of our entire range of solutions and services.



In particular, the pictograms correspond to the following elements:


  • Filtration: these are our solutions for removing solid substances present in the suspensions to be treated. In particular, the filtration system allows solids and liquids to be separated using special filters.
  • Flotation: this is our range of solutions for treating water by separating products (oils and solids) with different specific weights.
  • Packages: in this category you can find our skids and industrial packages for filtration, oily water treatment and water treatment.
  • Water treatment: this pictogram represents our solutions for industrial and civil water treatment.
  • Pilot Units: our pilot units allows us to carry out filtration, water treatment and oil-water separation tests directly at the customer’s site. Furthermore, this system allows us to study, design and implement the best solution for the customer’s need.
  • Aftermarket: this pictogram represents our aftermarket service. With the Aftermarket service, we guarantee our customers constant technical support, original spare parts and qualified technical assistance.

The new tecniplant website to make our renewed identity known

We see our website as a showcase to show ourselves to the world and make our new identity known.

Consequently, once the image was renewed, it was inevitable to use the web to allow everyone to see us in this new guise.

Among other things, the website will not only be a tool to make us more known, but will be the ideal means to be a reference for our customers and to be able to support them better.

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Il futuro inizia adesso