Plant trials on site: what are tecniplant pilot units and why they are important

In this in-depth study, we want to address the topic of pilot plants and their importance in the industrial context.

First of all, what do we mean when we talk about Pilot Units?

Pilot units are the intermediate-size equipment between the laboratory unitz and the industrial plant. In particular, they are able to replicate the behaviour of technology on a large scale.

Thanks to the use of pilot plants, we can carry out tests directly at the company:

  • filtration
  • oil-water separation
  • water treatment

Furthermore, these plants allow us to study, design and implement the best solution for the customer’s needs.
For this reason, before the realisation of large-scale plants, we give the customer the opportunity to test our technologies with our pilot plants.

Let us go into detail.


Field experimentation with pilot plants makes it possible to validate the results obtained in laboratory tests.

In this way, the fundamental process parameters are derived that allow the machine to be scaled up to industrial level.

Nevertheless, the testing of pilot plants ON SITE also makes it possible to identify elements such as:

  • the best process to apply according to the type of product
  • the size of the machine to be installed depending on the context
  • the evaluation of possible mechanical and process optimisations

Finally, another interesting element related to field trials with pilot units is the practical aspect. When the customer uses the pilot units, he gets to know the machine and learns how to operate it.


On one hand, we believe that it is important to be able to carry out tests with pilot plants ON SITE because we can verify the parameters for scale-up from the laboratory to the industrial plant.
On the other hand, Pilot Units make it possible to realise the best solution for the customer’s needs.

In fact, carrying out tests with the pilot plants on site allows the correct size of the machinery to be determined, depending on the product to be processed, the performance to be guaranteed, etc.

Pilot plants ON SITE make it possible to evaluate customised solutions to meet customer requirements.
This ensures that the performance desired by the customer is achieved with the certainty that the technology installed is the most suitable for the product to be treated.

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