Custom construction of industrial oily water filtration systems

La gestione delle acque meteoriche

For fifty years we have been involved in the design and construction of custom plants for the filtration of industrial oily waters. The reliability and continuity of the services offered allow us to be a single point of reference for companies that need to create solutions for the treatment of oily waters. Do you want […]

Industry 4.0 for water treatment plants: all the advantages

Industria 4.0 per gli impianti di trattamento delle acque: tutti i vantaggi

Industry 4.0, or fourth industrial revolution, is the most quoted phenomenon of the moment in terms of innovation, also with regard to water treatment plants. In general, we have a constantly changing industrial world and, without a doubt, the digitization and automation of factories and plants play a fundamental role in this process. But what […]

Horizontal filtration systems in the Power Generation sector

We want to dedicate this article to horizontal filtration systems for the Power Generation sector. Horizontal filters are one of the most efficient systems for separating liquids and solids. Specifically, they are designed and built to achieve very high efficiencies in those sectors that require the filtration of suspensions with a high solid content. That […]

The most requested Tecniplant solutions for industrial filtration in 2022

Le soluzioni più richieste per la filtrazione industriale nel 2022

Without a doubt, some of our most in-demand industrial filtration solutions in 2022 include: rotary vacuum filters, for industrial filtration API and CPI separators, for water treatment and oil-water separation  Before going into the details of individual products, the time has come to take stock of the general. Indeed, December is the perfect opportunity to […]

Vacuum cloth filters for ecological systems

I filtri sottovuoto a tela sono ideali per

Among the numerous applications of vacuum cloth filters in ecological systems, we can mention, in particular, those for the purification of waste water and for the recycling of raw materials such as phosphorus. In Hamburg, for example, there is the world’s largest phosphorus recycling plant and uses our vacuum cloth filters to purify waste water. […]

Green industrial innovation in filtration: energy transition and digitisation

Innovazione industriale green nella filtrazione

Why do we talk about green industrial innovation in filtration? Because planet Earth is overheating, but more importantly, because global warming threatens to cause incalculable damage. In general, the scientific community is united in attributing the cause of climate disruption to greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, especially since the Industrial Revolution. Consequently, in order […]

Pressure filters for pectin processing

Filtri in pressione per la lavorazione della pectina

With today’s article, we want to delve into the food industry and explore one of the areas of application for pressure filters: pectin processing. As we mentioned in the Food & Beverage news, the food industry requires different types of filtration equipment. Usually the most commonly used solutions are: rotary filters horizontal filters pressure filters […]

Rotary screen filters for the food industry: what they are and their function

filtri a tela uscente

Filtration systems find numerous applications within the Food & Beverage industrial chain.For this reason, we want to focus on the rotary screen filters, understand what they are and what their function is within the food industry. As we mentioned in the article dedicated to filters for Food & Beverage, the agri-food chain for the extraction […]

Rotating pre-coating filters for fruit juice production

filtri rotativi a pre rivestimento

Today we want to focus on one of the areas of application of rotary vacuum filters with pre-coating discharge:the production of fruit juices. As we mentioned in the news dedicated to Food&Beverage, the food sector requires the intervention of specific types of filtration tools. In general, the global fruit juice market has grown a lot […]

Food &Beverage Filters: what they are for and what they are

In the Food & Beverage sector, filters FOR SOLID-LIQUID SEPARATION find wide application particular for the extraction and processing of starch from agricultural raw materials. It is one of the most important agro-industries in the world. In fact, using maize, wheat, potatoes, tapioca and rice as raw materials, around 49 million tonnes of starch are […]