Rotating pre-coating filters for fruit juice production

Today we want to focus on one of the areas of application of rotary vacuum filters with pre-coating discharge:the production of fruit juices.

As we mentioned in the news dedicated to Food&Beverage, the food sector requires the intervention of specific types of filtration tools.

In general, the global fruit juice market has grown a lot in the last period. In recent years, in fact, the popularity of juices has increased also in conjunction with the increase in attention to health and food needs.

For this reason, it is important for companies to adapt their systems by introducing suitable filters for the Food &Beverage sector.

Let’s go into the details of the rotary filters for the production of fruit juices.

What are rotary pre-coating filters for fruit juice production

The rotary filters with pre-coating discharge used for the production of fruit juices are ideal in the presence of suspensions containing few solids .

In particular, these tools are perfect in the case of suspensions with chemical-physical characteristics capable of clogging the cloth and, consequently, not allowing the correct filtration process.

If you look at this type of filtering machine, you can see that it is made up of the following parts:

  • rotating drum
  • vacuum distribution system
  • basin
  • agitator
  • cake unloading device

What are pre-coating rotary filters for the food industry

In the previous paragraphs we introduced the rotary pre-coating filters , now let’s find out what their function is in the food sector .
The operating principle consists in creating a vacuum inside the drum which is partially
immersed in the tank containing the product to be filtered.

In this way the liquid passes inside the drum where a layer of diatomaceous earth filters the fruit juice separating it from the solids present in the product to be treated.

Within our offer of filtration solutions we have different types of rotary filters with pre-
coating discharge.

In fact, based on the customer’s field of application, we are able both to recommend the
correct sizing of the filter and to create a customized solution.

Contact us for more information on our full range of filtration solutions.

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