Tecniplant Oily Water package is designed to separate a huge amounts of oil and suspended solids from the wastewater effluents of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and other industrial sources.

Basically this type of plant are composed by different type of equipment each one dedicated to a specific separation. Tecniplant has developed an Oily Water system aimed to optimize the plant configuration in order to achieve a competitive solution, suitable to make more economical the transportation and installation process and to provide benefits for the operating and maintenance activities.Based on the process requirements, Tecniplant identifies the main characteristics of the plant in terms of tank size, water and oil pumps number and size, general piping arrangement and electrical connections. A key feature for this kind of optimization is the capability to offer an easy way to transport, install and commission the system and to operate it during the service life, with consequent savings both on the Capex and Opex. To guarantee the best solution a specific effort was done to optimize the general arrangement of the package, in order to develop, although at a preliminary level, a more compact and efficient solution, which combines simplicity during the delivery phase and high reliability and efficiency during the operating life.
The main criteria for the development of this plant is to provide an integrated package, completed and commissioned as much as possible at supplier workshop, thus minimizing the on site work. This principle enhances the reliability of the system, reduces the interface problems both during engineering and fabrication stages and reduces the commissioning and hook up schedule.



  • Minimum number of self-supporting skids each package
  • Skids dimensions compatible with a road transportation
  • Perform commission and test the complete plant at the Tecniplant workshop before shipping
  • Ancillaries item (e.g. motorized pumps, valves) grouped in a single skidded unit
  • Easy access to the critical equipment
  • Savings in the area occupied by the new plant
  • Reduced foundation works (slabs, plinths, etc)
  • Reduced weight of the system
  • Prompt availability of the plant after delivery
  • Lower risks of malfunctioning during tests and start-up
  • Lower risk of interface failures (e.g. fluid losses) during service
  • Lower weight of the structural components
  • Lower impact of the construction tolerances (minor number of interfaces)
  • Minimization of the lifting points and of the lifting appliances with corresponding cost savings
  • Lower quantity of spare parts for commissioning and testing at site
  • Lower packing and transportation costs
  • Minimum need of specialized technicians at site for integration and commissioning work


Typical separation sketch


Impianto Package






schema PACKAGE_2


General scheme for the treatment of Oily Water Treatment

schema PACKAGE_1