The Candle Pressure Filters are suited for applications requiring a high flow rate per unit area with quick cleaning features. Tecniplant supplies Candle Filters with special filtering elements useful for retaining solids with dimensions ranging from 0,2 µm.

This application avoids using pre-coat and all related ancillaries, requiring less equipment and space, thus saving costs and respecting the environment.
These type of filters are normally installed in fully automated plants completely packaged.
These filters have a high performance rate so, compared to other applications with the same flow rate and total filtering area.
The filter candles are assembled in a tube-sheet, clamped between the flanges of the top dome and the vertical pressure filter tank.
The filtered liquid flows inside the filter candle upward to the dome where it leaves the filter. The suspended solids are collected on the filtering media forming the cake.
At the end of each filtration cycle, part of the filtered liquid is re-injected to the inside of the candles.
The filtering component expands and the accumulated solids on its surface are removed cleaning the filtration area.
The tank has a conical shaped bottom to accumulate the solids after their removal from the filter candles. After a fixed number of cycles a bottom drain valve is opened to discharge the cake.

  • Absence of moving parts
  • Closed Loop
  • Modularized Assembling
  • Fully Automated Process
  • Use in High-Temperature and Highly Corrosive Environments
  • Both Wet and Dry Cake Discharge
  • Charcoal Filtration
  • Catalysts Filtration (Pd, Pt, Rh and Raney Nichel)
  • Electrolytic Baths (Zn, Sn)
  • PTA Waters (Theraftalic Purified Acid)
  • Polyols Filtration
  • Antibiotics
  • Alkali Chlorine Filtration
  • Syntetic Fibers
  • Cellulosic Fibers
  • Titanium Oxides
  • Caffeine Filtration
  • Starch Filtration
  • Ester Filtration


  • Candle Lenght: 0,5 ÷ 3 m
  • Filter Area: 0,025 ÷ 200 m2
  • Cake Washing: Shower or Displacement
  • Cake Drying: Gas or Steam
  • Cake Discharge: Wet or Dry

The plant can be fully automated.